Oskar Bar

Located along the river side in Phnom Penh. The First night since I’ve arrived in Cambodia that I hung out after diner. We were 4 at the begining, three beautiful women and of course one sweet elegant Cambodian guy.

We were supposed to be at Sky Bar   since my cousin wanted to show me the view of Phnom Penh at night time from the top building. Unfortunayely I was raining so the Sky Bar plan was cancelled; after several suggestion, we decided to come Oskar bar. It’s quite chic and full of foreigners and their lovers.

What made my night special was all of us were born in the same year 1980 which is Monkey in our horoscope. What was more the last friend who joined us was born in the same year, too. So we called it Monkey night. It’s maybe a coincidence yet lately I met lots of people from the year of 1980. Am I old now?!!! Whatever, my 30s made me live the life of my dream.

I also enjoyed the company, they are so sweet, kind and funny. I had lots of fun… let party again!!


Midi pleated skirt

Such a long history of pleated dresses and the pleated skirt was born around 1920s as I know. There are so many kinds of pleated which allow us to make whatever you love and suitable for your body type. Well, as maxi skirt is on the way back for this spring so I need to keep myself trendy, little bit LOL.

I surfed on the internet last day, I saw an YSL skirt !!!! Wooooo that was so perfect. I was so in love with it but the price didn’t sound good for my wallet, so as usual I walked to my favorite fabric shop on the Victor Hugo street in Lyon to hunt for my babe. Yeah !!! As I expected a perfect Viscose caught all my intention. GOSH I gotta have it !! then yeah I got it for 15 Euros. 100 times less expensive than YSL skirt, so I am happy…

Today I made one of the pleated skirt. I used knife pleated for my skirt. The result is more than satisfied… Hihihi . I paired with vintage Armani Exchange belt..

Here we go, hope you enjoy the post and share me your maxi skirts pictures in the comment below. I would love to see them…

Have a great Sunday

Jacket lover

Jacket is one of my favorite items, whenever I have chance I grab one for me. As usual I love going to the market, there’s a stand of fabric which has so many choices with reasonable price that everyone can effort.

I got 2m of mixed wool other week; I didn’t even know what to do with it. And finally here it comes again!!!! A JACKET !!!!! It looks stunning, simple yet modern. I love it… It has 2 pockets to keep my hands warm 😉

here is some of the the pictures which I am so proud to share.

 I wore it in two styles, this one with a big elastic bell with white metal detail from Mogan. It looked quite cool and elegant.

xxl jacket

The second one is so free, just like another xxl Jacket…

The last picture will be credited to my sister who made this beautiful black dress for me. She own a Tailor shop in Cambodia.


Do whatever you love and love whatever you do. keep smiling… Please, enjoy your Sunday. :-*

XXL Jacket

It seems the XXL jacket, coat are back in track this year, as wearing boyfriend’s jacket is always my dream * XXL fashion for me is boyfriend stuffs 😉 *so I made me one this year. I always thought wearing long jacket looks ridiculous on a short girl like me, but finally I found it looks better than I’ve thought. So short ladies!!!! give it a try !!!! 😉

jacket back

I found this fake fur was on sale in Mondial Tissue, since I was so lazy to make my own pattern I grabbed one from Burda. It was so easy to make! I encourage every women to try sewing.

jacket side

I forgot the price of the fabric, I think I spent about 25 Euros for the total of my jacket and the pattern included.

Well, the proudest thing is I wear my own clothing and it’s unique 😉