Sweet potato Pizza

Sweet potato is not only delicious but also rich of multi vitamins, iron, potassium. That’s maybe the reason why we should eat more sweet potato. Hihihi,,, Well, talking about being healthy, pizza does not gain so much reputation as a healthy food. But the trick is depends on what you are going to put on your pizza.

I don’t claim mine as a healthy one but I claim it as a delicious one, lol.

Here we need for this yummy pizza

1 sweet potato ( cut about 1 cm thick and cook them )

Morbier cheese ( cut in small cubs )

Grated Gruyere cheese, some Gruyere thinly sliced for topping

1 egg

pizza dough



black pepper

olive oil

How to make

  1. Turn on the oven for the highest temperature. I should skip repeating this part LOL
  2. On our Pizza dough you spread generously olive oil or little bit if you don’t workout alot 😛 . Then you put Potatoes on top and follow by cheese, salt and pepper.
  3. Then Morbier cheese and little bit of Gruyere

Put in the oven about 10 mins. then crack the egg on it and cook for another 5 mins more. and voila voila voila

Uhhhhh I better stop talking and enjoy my pizzas mmmmm Gosh heaven is just in front of you 

Summer Pizzas

I love pizza and even more when it’s different. Well, these are really simple recipes which you can make at home with very little expense, yet it looks expensive and delicious. 😉

I made two pizza today but I going to share you one recipe this week and another one will be next week, maybe 😛


Here we need

Half of red onion ( thinly sliced )

1 zucchini ( thinly sliced )

1 beet ( cut in small lovely cubs )

pin nuts

little bit of thyme

Grated Gruyere cheese, some Gruyere thinly sliced for topping

Pizza dough


1 tbsp of Raspberry vinegar

1 tbsp of brown sugar

2 tbsp of olive oil

little bit of salt

little bit of black pepper

1 tsp of honey

little bit of butter ( optional )


  1. Marinade red onion with raspberry vinegar, brown sugar and olive oil. set aside
  2. Heat the pan with little bit butter n oil, put beet cubs in then seasoning with salt, black pepper and honey. let it cook little bit then set aside
  3. Heat the oven for the highest temperature. Then you put your pizza dough on pizza dish or whatever that you going to put in the oven LOL.
  4. This pizza we use marinaded red onion as pizza sauce, then you put the zucchini on top of it, follow by cooked beet. Then spread generously grated Gruyere cheese. End it up by some of Pin nuts and thyme.
  5. Cook about 10 to 15 minutes then put some Gruyere cheese on top just before serving.

TATADAAAAA here you have your delicious PIZZA !!!!


 Another one is sweet potato pizza, see you till next week. 😉

Gastronomic Pizza

It sounds funny to hear gastronomic Pizza but yeah, it’s true even simple pizza could be a gastronomic one. I found a recipe from Chef Pete Evans, I have to admit that the recipe is so different from what I already ate so far. It caught my intention and I tried to make it today. Here we go for Scallop, foie gras and endive…


I even made my pizza dough today. The different in this pizza, we don’t use tomatoes sauce as normal but we use endive caramelized with orange juice. It tastes sweet… We also use mozzarella and the foie gras vinegar which gives the sour taste to the pizza and it’s interesting because it’s balancing the taste of the endive caramelized; sweet and sour.

Preparation the pizza dough put the endive caramelized all over then put mozzarella. Direction to the oven 280 degree C for 5-10 mins.

The scallop we cook them in a pans with little bit of butter, salt and black pepper. 30 seconds each side with strong heat.

When the dough is cooked, we put the cooked scallops on the pizza and foie gras vinegar, salmon eggs, salt and black pepper.

Now big time is begun,,,, Tasting tasting Oh dear,,, the heaven is just in front of you… Mmmmmm