Masculin sacré sur le corps d’une femme

On entend souvent féminine sacrée, les femmes travaillent de plus en plus sur leur féminité y compris moi. Je suis de plus en plus a l’aise avec mon corps de femme, ma nature, qui je suis. Je m’accepte comme je suis, je m’aime comme je suis. Ce dernier temps il y a un changement, je ne comprenais pas vraiment pourquoi. Je me suis sentie coincé en moi, je m’entend les désaccords en moi, mon ego, mon être. Je suis triste, perdue, peur, j’ai pleuré. Je me posais des questions. J’ai fait la demande a l’univers en disant que je suis prête a avancer, a me libérer juste montrer moi le chemin. Il n’y a rien hasard, j’ai trouvé un atelier de masculin sacré, cela me parle mais je ne sais pas vraiment cela pourra me porter, est ce que cela est nécessaire pour moi. Je me suis inscrit par curiosité.

En faite il consiste de constellation de notre partie masculin. Accueilli le masculin en nous,,, hmmm, ok… Comme nous savons bien que tout les êtres sont crée par énergie masculin et féminine. Je étais dedans, je baignais dans l’énergie. Je me laissais emporter par expérience. On étaient choisi pour représenter un rôle. Il y avait, la personnage principale, lumière, l’amour, ancêtre, blocage et moi, l’ombre. Quel rôle!!! mais j’ai accepté avec plaisir.

Je ne comprenais pas trop car cela était ma première expérience et c’était magnifique. Mon rôle m’a fait comprendre tout ce qu’il se passe dans ma vie avec mes amies. J’arrivais pas comprendre pourquoi on me voyaient si négatif quand je ne suis pas réellement. J’ai même fait peur tous les personnages dans ce constellation, je ressentais que l’amour envers eux et la puissance de l’homme derrière moi qui me supportais ( mon père et autre énergie ). Je ressentais que mes jambes étaient bien encrée dans la terre. Je me sentais comme j’étais un très grand arbre, rien peut me déraciner. C’était assez curieux comme sensation, finalement grâce a mon amour et ma stabilité dans mon rôle, J’arrivais a tout réuni. Il y avait beaucoup émotions, mais moi je sentais que  la gratitude.

Jour lendemain, Je voyais la scène de ma vie. Je soudainement comprenais pourquoi mes amies me m’aiment pas? et pourquoi elles m’attaquent quand moi j’ai rien fait de particulier?

J’ai passé des années a penser peut être que j’ai fait quelque choses de mal mais je ne voyais pas, ou peut être je suis justement comme elles m’ont dit, quelqu’un de mauvaise.

C’était faux, le problème ce n’est pas venus de moi, mais a cause de leurs masculin blessés. Elles basent sur leurs blessures pour me juger et elles se groupe pour avoir la force de m’attaquer. c’était leur problèmes.

A mon tour, je comprends que je dois adoucir mon masculin car il est trop fort et poser. ça explique car je suis grandie au milieu d’hommes de pouvoir, fort, stables, sacrifice. Ils sont mes Hero, les militaires. Je dois juste accueillir ce énergie avec sa puissance le plus juste car je suis en sécurité.

Ceci est juste mon propre point de vu et mes expérience. Je reste ouvert a tout les commentaire constructive et les prochains expériences de vie.

Merci la vie !!!!!



Se muscler à LYON

Sunday wake up early and workout alone, boring !!! I was looking for a group which suggests street workout or outdoor workout. By sudden, I found a group of young Cambodian who is passionated in sport!!!! They created this group and coaching people who want to build their strength and muscles; Is it a coincidence or is it a gift? The sessions are free of charges!!! Wooooooaaaaaauuuuhhhhhh, I love the idea !!! The programs are for everyone, it doesn’t reserve only for Cambodian or only Asian !!! I couldn’t ask for more.

Soon enough, I got a contact with Bruno Lafayen , one of the founders, to get some more information. He told me to join a session on Sunday at Parc Parilly, Venisseux.

I was so excited and joined them on Sunday morning at 10 am. Well, I met few others people who joined us for the workout. We were trained by Maxime Khum, another founder of the group.

I asked what we are going to do to day, then Maxime told me ” This gonna be so much fun, no worry. ” . I was like Hmmmmm,,, This sounds scary. LOL!!!!

I have to admit that the session was tough and intense, yet time flies!!! When he said “ok, we are done for today.” I was like “Huh,,, finish finish?!!!” Wow, as he said it was so much fun, I enjoyed my time with them. I can’t wait to do it again with them!!!! Oh and my muscles got sore later on, ouchhh…



Here is what they are doing you can have a look and come to join us if you are around!!!!

Se muscler à Lyon

Souvenir From Cambodia

I had amazing holiday in Cambodia which I spent most of my time with my family. I didn’t do so much things, yet those little things were so precious.

I couldn’t discribe the feeling being with my sisters, brothers and my parents. I had to come back home for lunch and dinner with them almost everyday. I just enjoyed foods and their company, it was just more than perfect for me. People asked me why didn’t you do other things rather than staying home? I just could not discribe the feeling how this home fill my emptiness. Anyway, I didn’t need to explain.

I also want to dedicate this post to few people who I had chance to be with and they had tried so hard to catch me up to get into their schedules. I am appreciated for their efforts. I felt the support and strong connection between us.

First of all Boramy, my cousin, she did lots of things for me to make me discovered the Phnom Penh nowaday. Without her, I might couldn’t live another luxurious Cambodian lifestyle again. She created appotunity for me to meet another two amazing people, Nana and Piseth.

Second Piseth, a young Cambodian guy, he had spent so much time to drive me to Kompot and took us to different places to see different views. What was more, he reminded me to the quality of Cambodian men again, elegant, sweet, responsible, funny, respectful, generouse. Ps- old fashion Cambodian men, the precious!!! I was almost forgot these good qualities of them. Only the luckiest woman will have him.

Third Nana, a young lady of my age, the owner of Iora Cambodia. She is amazing, simple, funny!! I like the way she speak so gentle with her sweet voice. She has good taste in fashion which is easy to go shopping with and also get advices when you do shopping in her places. Really intelligent and strong woman. I would never thought she was an easy going like this.

Forth my Tepy, a friend from high school, We laughed at our crazy things; it looked like we didn’t grow up yet. 14 years old again.

Last but not least, Kimleang, my best friend. We still enjoy spending time to do same things like 17 years ago. Time flies with her.

Now I am in Lyon. I need to get back to my solitaire life. I miss them so much…



Oskar Bar

Located along the river side in Phnom Penh. The First night since I’ve arrived in Cambodia that I hung out after diner. We were 4 at the begining, three beautiful women and of course one sweet elegant Cambodian guy.

We were supposed to be at Sky Bar   since my cousin wanted to show me the view of Phnom Penh at night time from the top building. Unfortunayely I was raining so the Sky Bar plan was cancelled; after several suggestion, we decided to come Oskar bar. It’s quite chic and full of foreigners and their lovers.

What made my night special was all of us were born in the same year 1980 which is Monkey in our horoscope. What was more the last friend who joined us was born in the same year, too. So we called it Monkey night. It’s maybe a coincidence yet lately I met lots of people from the year of 1980. Am I old now?!!! Whatever, my 30s made me live the life of my dream.

I also enjoyed the company, they are so sweet, kind and funny. I had lots of fun… let party again!!

The returning home

Living in France teaches me the value of life. I was born in a family with a good reputation. In Cambodia things were like magic, it was happened naturally which made me felt like it was normal. Actually, because my family treated me special. Yet, I didn’t realize that luck and I always wanted to escape from this old tradition. Moving in France life was completely different, I arrived in the modest conditions which I thought it was just a joke at the first time. Unfortunately, it was the reality. I had to learn to live with my new environment even though I didn’t feel like it was where I should belong. Suddenly, the strict education from my family became a very strong background and made me feel like a giant tree which none of typhoons could destroy. Strong racin had been plugged into the ground until the heart of mother earth, I am so thankful to my family for this strong base.
I had to fight to find myself which I had been lost day by day in France. 7 years of obscurity, I finally got back my voice, my life, my light, my freedom. I became stronger, what is more I became who I really am, my value. I understood ” To recognize the light, you need to live the dark “.
I keep moving on and life keeps surprising me. I was nothing 4 years ago and now I am somebody, I rebuilt my own empire. I discouver amazing life, enjoy it even with less.
Coming back to Cambodia 2017, I am different. I feel love, I am loved and my love is not the same. It is pure, my world becomes clearer; more enjoyable and I spread it to my family. I am treated as a queen even though nothing so fancy. But you know, when you feel like a queen wherever you go, you are still one.