Gastronomic Pizza

It sounds funny to hear gastronomic Pizza but yeah, it’s true even simple pizza could be a gastronomic one. I found a recipe from Chef Pete Evans, I have to admit that the recipe is so different from what I already ate so far. It caught my intention and I tried to make it today. Here we go for Scallop, foie gras and endive…


I even made my pizza dough today. The different in this pizza, we don’t use tomatoes sauce as normal but we use endive caramelized with orange juice. It tastes sweet… We also use mozzarella and the foie gras vinegar which gives the sour taste to the pizza and it’s interesting because it’s balancing the taste of the endive caramelized; sweet and sour.

Preparation the pizza dough put the endive caramelized all over then put mozzarella. Direction to the oven 280 degree C for 5-10 mins.

The scallop we cook them in a pans with little bit of butter, salt and black pepper. 30 seconds each side with strong heat.

When the dough is cooked, we put the cooked scallops on the pizza and foie gras vinegar, salmon eggs, salt and black pepper.

Now big time is begun,,,, Tasting tasting Oh dear,,, the heaven is just in front of you… Mmmmmm


Bissap Cake

My Sunday was filling of fun. I had chance to work with an talented woman; she has her new concept in Lyon, Afro-infusion, which means Creative African cuisine. She gave me an African product , Bissap which is from the flower of hibiscus. We tried to make Fondant of Bissap; the result is quite good. I absolutely love it.

It has little bit tast of Bissap and white chocolate, they get along quite well.mmmmmm Oh dear,,, the heaven is just in front of you… The perfect dessert 😉

And we also made small little cake which is quite interesting, too. The different time of cooking changed the taste little bit. This one is really good to have with a tea or coffee mmmmm… I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Gotta make it again soon!!!


The recipe is easy, just like Chocolate fondant

40g of butter

40g of sugar

80g of white chocolate

2 eggs

6g de Bissap

all in one and 15 mins in the oven 😉

Tuesday Dinner

Last night I discovered an Asian buffet Restaurant it called O’planet. It’s a modern restaurant to compare with other Asian Restaurants. I love the big glasses wall and the chandeliers, everywhere. So luxurious as decoration; what caught my eyes the most was golden designed wall. It looks like a wall from Tibetan temple, so so stunning.

The magic wall 😉
I love those chandeliers

I talked with the boss. He was sweet and funny. He has Cambodian face, lol, I asked if he is Cambodian. He said he’s Chinese-Cambodian…

The menus was ok, we could find similar dishes from Asian buffet restaurants. The different was they do have lots of choice of barbecue. I tried the most spicy one but it was not as spicy as I expected, which was normal because they made the sauces base on European tastes. I ate almost everything, what I like most was their Samusa and I loved desserts.  We had so many choices, of course those are French desserts. For me it was just like heaven in front of me… I picked up couple of things, I like their coconut pie. I didn’t asked if they were homemade, but my intuition told me that those were bought from somewhere, lol.


I got an infusion to finish my dinner and a big glass of whiskey, Jack Daniel. The boss was joking with me that his whiskey were on sale. He served me a double whiskey. That was very sweet of him and my body got drunk, lol.


Surprisingly, I could walk straight after my whiskey.

Sunday Brunch

As I woke up late this morning; brunch is such a good idea to enjoy my cosy Sunday, mmmm… Here they are my brunchy brunchy,,,

Oh dear,,, heaven is just in front of you...

Well, I found a recipe from the internet so I made it today. It was potato, avocado, bacon and egg. The recipe is everywhere on the internet. I must say that it’s ok as brunch,,, It’s easy to make and my kid loves it.

something which makes your belly happy ;-)
something which makes your belly happy 😉

The dish of the day is my eggplant pizza !!! I absolutely love it. This could be a perfect vegetarian pizza. I had inspired this dish from The Brasserie le Sud, Lyon. *Ps – One of the restaurants you should go when you visit Lyon *

I was invited by a charming young guy and he made me taste two types of pizza from the brasserie, The pizza which were different from the pizzas I had tasted. Pizza dough was differet, too. It was some kind between pizza dough and pate brissée. Oh gosh !!! That was amazing. Ok,,, I talked so much, my story is for me only 😛

So here I have my first eggplants pizza; It’s easy to make, too. first of all I didn’t make my own pizza dough,,, yeah, I know, I should make it my own but I have thousands reasons to buy my pizza dough 😛 . Surprisingly, I made my own tomatoes sauce ( my own recipe, of course. I will share you next time ), some parmesan, eggplant, small tomatoes, roquette salad

eggplant pizza
eggplant pizza

Last but not least is my multi-vitamine Juice. We had celery, ginger, orange, carrots, ananas all in one. Oh dear,,, heaven is just in front of you.

Happy Sunday :-*

Ginger Chicken

Ginger Chicken is so good for your health, maybe that’s one of the reasons it becomes one of the most favorite all the time of Cambodian families 😉 . So today it’s little bit cold in France, Ginger chicken would be great for my belly belly, mmmmm… Here we go


Oh dear,,, heaven is just in front of you.

This is the link which you can read the benefits of the Ginger …

Time preparation 15 mins, time for cooking 15 mins, difficulty  very easy

300 g of chicken breast ( I chose Label rouge and slice them as you desire )

1 shallot, 1 clove of garlic  finely chopped

100 g of ginger ( peeled and thinly sliced )

2 tbsp of fish sauce

a pin of salt

1 tsp of brown sugar ( optional,,, most of Asian dishes uses sugar )

1 tsp of light soy sauce

1 tsp of dark soy sauce

2 tbsp of sunflower oil

little bit of Cambodian black pepper 😉


  1. Heat the pan with oil then put minced garlic and shallot until it turns lightly brown.
  2. Add chicken and stir well till the chicken changed the color than add fish sauce and stir little bit more. Then add salt, bronw sugar, light soy sauce, and black peper. Last but not least light soy sauce to give little bit yummy yummy color… mmmm
  3. Serve with Asian white rice.

Coffee milk, mmmm

Coffee coffee oh my coffee…


No where like home. I love coffee milk, I’d been trying in so many bars and restaurants in #Lyon, France, but I’d never found the taste of coffee milk I had in Cambodia. In France, they made coffee milk in different way, expresso coffee with milk. It’s somehow so light and not as delicious as home. I had tried cappuccino, latte coffee etc… Haaaaaaa,,,,, so complicated. I want my coffee milk.

One day I went to an Asian Restaurant near cours Lafayette, Lyon. The boss of the restaurant was making the coffee milk for his clients. I ordered one as I love trying. * never judge thing until you try 😉 * and then Waoooouuuhhhhh coffee coffee oh my coffee !!!! The one I have been searching for so many years !!!! GOSH !!! The best coffee milk in LYON. You should try it if you are around. The restaurant is Asian Hall !!! His recipe is simple, he said, ” You need Nescafé and concentrated milk. You must know when you put your milk to combine the aroma of coffee and milk ” … So here I have my first amazing coffee milk in LYON. mmmmmmmm

cafe glacehear ty

Toul Tom Pong market

Toul Tom Pong market is known as Russian market, don’t ask me why cuz I don’t know either.

Well, this is just a very small part of the market which people go to get their foods in the morning. Most of Cambodian people love buying foods fresh at the same day. I love this market because first of all it’s closed to my house, LOL. 2nd There are so many choices for breakfast, oh my god, everything are so delicious. 3rd there are so many cheap factory clothes.

Everytime I returned back to Cambodia, I spent the most of my morning in Toul Tom Pong market with my best friend. I usually got 2 glasses of coffee milk before my breakfast came. see !!! This is the reason Toul Tom Pong market is Mao’s first post for her first blog ever. LOL

toultom pong