Full circle skirt

Talking about full circle skirt, it’s a kind of endless fashion. It comes over and over again and I am still loving those kind of skirts. Not only feminine but also simple, chic, glamour. It depends on how you were it; when and what fabric… It’s absolutely a stunning stuff which every women should have in their closets.

One Saturday I stopped by a small fabric shop, I found a floral linen fabric. I was immediately thought of full circle skirt ! GOSH, I gotta have it, so I bought it for 15€ for about 3m5. It’s even cheaper than a good full circle skirt in the shops.

I have to say that I gave up on sewing about 4 or 5 years ago, this time would be a good challenge for me and myself 😉 … I quite am satisfied with the result.


Author: lovefoodlovestyle

A Cambodian woman who lives in the gastronomic city of France, Lyon. I am not a professional chef nor a tailor. I love eating and fashion !!!! Lovefoodlovestyle is where I let my passions flow and I am glad to share them with you. Lots of love

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