Bissap Cake

My Sunday was filling of fun. I had chance to work with an talented woman; she has her new concept in Lyon, Afro-infusion, which means Creative African cuisine. She gave me an African product , Bissap which is from the flower of hibiscus. We tried to make Fondant of Bissap; the result is quite good. I absolutely love it.

It has little bit tast of Bissap and white chocolate, they get along quite well.mmmmmm Oh dear,,, the heaven is just in front of you… The perfect dessert 😉

And we also made small little cake which is quite interesting, too. The different time of cooking changed the taste little bit. This one is really good to have with a tea or coffee mmmmm… I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Gotta make it again soon!!!


The recipe is easy, just like Chocolate fondant

40g of butter

40g of sugar

80g of white chocolate

2 eggs

6g de Bissap

all in one and 15 mins in the oven 😉


Author: lovefoodlovestyle

A Cambodian woman who lives in the gastronomic city of France, Lyon. I am not a professional chef nor a tailor. I love eating and fashion !!!! Lovefoodlovestyle is where I let my passions flow and I am glad to share them with you. Lots of love

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