Sunday Brunch

As I woke up late this morning; brunch is such a good idea to enjoy my cosy Sunday, mmmm… Here they are my brunchy brunchy,,,

Oh dear,,, heaven is just in front of you...

Well, I found a recipe from the internet so I made it today. It was potato, avocado, bacon and egg. The recipe is everywhere on the internet. I must say that it’s ok as brunch,,, It’s easy to make and my kid loves it.

something which makes your belly happy ;-)
something which makes your belly happy 😉

The dish of the day is my eggplant pizza !!! I absolutely love it. This could be a perfect vegetarian pizza. I had inspired this dish from The Brasserie le Sud, Lyon. *Ps – One of the restaurants you should go when you visit Lyon *

I was invited by a charming young guy and he made me taste two types of pizza from the brasserie, The pizza which were different from the pizzas I had tasted. Pizza dough was differet, too. It was some kind between pizza dough and pate brissée. Oh gosh !!! That was amazing. Ok,,, I talked so much, my story is for me only 😛

So here I have my first eggplants pizza; It’s easy to make, too. first of all I didn’t make my own pizza dough,,, yeah, I know, I should make it my own but I have thousands reasons to buy my pizza dough 😛 . Surprisingly, I made my own tomatoes sauce ( my own recipe, of course. I will share you next time ), some parmesan, eggplant, small tomatoes, roquette salad

eggplant pizza
eggplant pizza

Last but not least is my multi-vitamine Juice. We had celery, ginger, orange, carrots, ananas all in one. Oh dear,,, heaven is just in front of you.

Happy Sunday :-*


Author: lovefoodlovestyle

A Cambodian woman who lives in the gastronomic city of France, Lyon. I am not a professional chef nor a tailor. I love eating and fashion !!!! Lovefoodlovestyle is where I let my passions flow and I am glad to share them with you. Lots of love

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