Coffee milk, mmmm

Coffee coffee oh my coffee…


No where like home. I love coffee milk, I’d been trying in so many bars and restaurants in #Lyon, France, but I’d never found the taste of coffee milk I had in Cambodia. In France, they made coffee milk in different way, expresso coffee with milk. It’s somehow so light and not as delicious as home. I had tried cappuccino, latte coffee etc… Haaaaaaa,,,,, so complicated. I want my coffee milk.

One day I went to an Asian Restaurant near cours Lafayette, Lyon. The boss of the restaurant was making the coffee milk for his clients. I ordered one as I love trying. * never judge thing until you try 😉 * and then Waoooouuuhhhhh coffee coffee oh my coffee !!!! The one I have been searching for so many years !!!! GOSH !!! The best coffee milk in LYON. You should try it if you are around. The restaurant is Asian Hall !!! His recipe is simple, he said, ” You need Nescafé and concentrated milk. You must know when you put your milk to combine the aroma of coffee and milk ” … So here I have my first amazing coffee milk in LYON. mmmmmmmm

cafe glacehear ty


Author: lovefoodlovestyle

A Cambodian woman who lives in the gastronomic city of France, Lyon. I am not a professional chef nor a tailor. I love eating and fashion !!!! Lovefoodlovestyle is where I let my passions flow and I am glad to share them with you. Lots of love

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